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As the authority on PMO & Project Controls, we offer specialised PMO training programs tailored for both developing Project Managers and PMO leaders, aimed at enhancing their expertise in the field.

To ensure the utmost effectiveness of our training, we can conduct a training readiness assessment prior to the delivery of any program. This assessment helps us understand your organisation’s specific requirements, allowing us to customise our courses accordingly.

One of the unique aspects of our training is that all of our courses and workshops can be attended virtually. This flexibility enables participants to join from anywhere, eliminating geographical barriers. Moreover, our training programs can be seamlessly integrated into your existing project management/PMO capability uplift initiatives, providing a comprehensive and cohesive learning experience.

At Pledge Consulting, we are committed to empowering individuals and organisations with practical project management knowledge.

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The Value Adding PMO


This course looks at the common functional areas of the PMO and provides PMO practitioners with strategies to:

  • Effectively communicate with senior stakeholders about PMO Value
  • Understand and communicate the value of planning
  • Become a more agile PMO
  • Tailor your PMOs services to your organisational context

Optimising the Hybrid PMO


There is more choice than ever around which methodology or delivery framework is the ‘right one’. The truth is that most organisations now deliver a mix of product and project based initiatives in a variety of ways. Product based initiatives naturally lend themselves to more agile based delivery methods like SCRUM, SAFe and Discipled Agile. Often these Agile methods are used alongside an SDLC or a more traditional Project Management Framework.

This mix of delivery methods can make life difficult for PMOs. Leadership teams want data and delivery assurance regardless of delivery method and so PMOs have to flex their requirements in order to be able to satisfy reporting needs.

In this two day course, we will explore how to define and implement the guideline processes that will give you the right tools and techniques to support every type of project delivered under any type of framework.

Course objectives Include:

  • Establish the appropriate blend of governance and controls for each type of project or initiative
  • Develop processes and work instructions to enable a standardised approach to delivering projects and initiatives
  • Drive consistency with both delivery teams and senior stakeholders