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Pledge Consulting recently conducted a post-project review for a major digital transformation initiative. Their tailored approach, understanding of the sector, and professional handling of the review process provided us with insightful analysis and pragmatic recommendations.

Our ongoing partnership with Pledge Consulting has significantly enhanced our PM/PMO capabilities, we look forward to working with the team moving forward.

Head of PMO, Education Sector

We recently reached out to Pledge Consulting for support in developing a new portfolio management framework for our Capex and Opex program of work. Following this engagement we now have a significantly improved approach to delivery and governance across the portfolio.  I don’t believe we could have achieved our current, much improved level of delivery performance without the support of the Pledge Consulting team.

Director of Portfolio Management, Water Company

After spending two years building up PMO capability we were ready for some external help us get us to the next level of maturity.  The insights provided by Pledge Consulting were clear, actionable and have led to a significant increase in the value we get from our projects. By focusing on our strengths as well as the areas for improvement, our team gained a newfound confidence in their abilities and importantly, now have a clear path forward.

GM Projects & Programs, Financial Services

I recently completed the Project Management Essentials 2-day training course with Pledge Consulting and it has been a game-changer for me at work. Our brilliant facilitator broke down everything into simple steps and used real examples that I could relate to. The hands-on activities and group work were really helpful, and I’ve already started using some of the tips and tricks in my job. It’s definitely made me feel more confident in the way I work on projects.

Tania Jones, State Government Agency

The team from Pledge Consulting provided us with the horsepower we needed to take our PMO from a largely administrative function to a centre of project management best practice. The capability and confidence of our team has grown beyond recognition.

Major Transport Provider – Sydney

Case Studies


Pledge Consulting were engaged to undertake a review of the Portfolio Management Office of a government department. Following the review, we were asked to provide a specialist PMO Manager that could assist them to better engage their delivery team, support the rollout of their new Program Management Framework and assist with transitioning to more agile ways of working.

OUTCOME: Significant cost savings for the department and improved capability within the program.



A state government agency identified a need to strengthen its project management capabilities to deliver a growing program of work. They engaged Pledge Consulting for an in-depth assessment of their project management practices and to provide targeted training for 150 staff members, including accidental and developing project managers.



The agency faced the challenge of a diverse range of skill levels among staff, many of whom had assumed project management responsibilities without formal training. The goal was to develop a training program that was adaptable to various skill levels while improving overall project management effectiveness.



Pledge Consulting began with a thorough evaluation of the existing project management processes within the agency. This assessment informed the development of a bespoke training program, which included:


Foundational Training: Introducing essential project management principles to beginners.

Advanced Skill Enhancement: Equipping more experienced managers with sophisticated tools and methodologies.

Practical Focus: Ensuring the training had a strong emphasis on real-life application and case studies relevant to government projects.



The training initiative resulted in several significant improvements:


Enhanced Skills: Marked improvement in project management skills across the agency, particularly for those in accidental project management roles.

Standardised Practices: Greater consistency in project management approaches, leading to more predictable and successful project outcomes.

Boosted Confidence: Staff members gained confidence in their project management abilities, enhancing their decision-making and leadership in projects.

Cultural Development: The training fostered a culture of continuous learning and professional growth in project management within the agency.



This collaboration with Pledge Consulting was instrumental in elevating the project management capabilities of the state government agency. By tailoring the training to meet diverse needs, Pledge Consulting effectively enhanced the skills of a wide range of staff members, demonstrating the impact of specialised training and capability assessment in strengthening organisational project management proficiency and ultimately better project outcomes.



An Australian based, privately owned transport technology and ticketing provider engaged Pledge Consulting to uplift their project/program and portfolio management capability though the provision of a Portfolio Health Check, and the establishment of a global EPMO.

The EPMO had a ‘hub and spoke’ model with the hub based in Australia and the 5 ‘spoke’ PMOs in operation across the globe.

Pledge ensured there was a common project delivery methodology, centralised systems and processes and augmented the existing PMO while recruiting the permanent PMO team on the client’s behalf.

OUTCOME: Successfully transitioned a new 5 person, EPMO into successful operation.



A federal government agency undertook a complex IT transformation, requiring expert project management structure and support. Pledge Consulting was engaged to manage the PMO for this three-year program.



The agency faced complexities in aligning the transformation with strategic goals, managing stakeholder relationships, numerous vendor relationships and ensuring timely, cost-effective delivery.



Pledge Consulting implemented a structured PMO approach, focusing on robust planning, strategic alignment, strong governance, risk management, resource optimisation, and stakeholder engagement.



The engagement led to:

Increased Efficiency: Streamlined processes reduced delays and costs. The ability to ramp up and ramp down the team as and when required.

Informed Decision-Making: Enhanced reporting and governance improved leadership decisions.

Risk Reduction: Proactive risk management minimised issues and provided transparency to stakeholders.

Strategic Achievement: The program aligned with and supported long-term strategic objectives and realised it’s intended benefits.

Stakeholder Satisfaction: Improved communication and engagement strategies enhanced stakeholder relations.


Pledge Consulting’s management of the PMO was pivotal in the successful delivery of the agency’s IT transformation. This partnership underscored the value of specialised PMO services in managing large-scale, complex projects, particularly in the public sector.