Strategic Planning Solutions

Strategic planning plays a critical role in delivering successful projects. If the organisation isn’t delivering the right investments, it risks misallocating resources and pursuing initiatives that don’t align with its core objectives, ultimately undermining its competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. Effective strategic planning ensures that every project undertaken is not only feasible but also contributes meaningfully towards the overarching goals of the organisation, fostering a culture of focused excellence and continuous improvement.

We support a number of our clients in ensuring that the projects and programs they are delivering align with the business’s strategic goals. We can support this process in a number of ways, through advisory support, planning facilitation and through the provision of criteria models and Frameworks.

While a technology solution is not the only approach, more and more of our customers are looking for a smarter solution. TransparentChoice takes away the subjective nature of setting decision making criteria and provides you with objective data to base your decisions. There are few more important decisions an organisation will take than where to spend its investment dollars.

TransparentChoice’s portfolio planning software provides strategic alignment, identifies pet projects, eliminates waste and helps you deliver more successful projects.

This software is based on 40 years of decision science research and complements your existing PPM tools.

Pledge Consulting is TransparentChoice’s trusted partner in Australia. Together we work to support government departments and other large organisations tackle project prioritisation.

Did you know?

Projects that are aligned to strategy are; 

57% more likely to achieve business goals

50% more likely to finish on time

45% more likely to finish on budget

Case Study

We recently reached out to Pledge Consulting for support in developing a new portfolio management framework for our Capex and Opex program of work. Following this engagement, we now have a significantly improved approach to delivery and governance across the portfolio.  I don’t believe we could have achieved our current, much improved level of delivery performance without the support of the Pledge Consulting team.

Director of Portfolio Management, Water Company

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