Our philosophy

Today’s organisations have much to gain by taking a more agile approach. The underlying principles of agile methods include a reduction of waste and an increase in efficiency – this is often where your competitive advantage lies.

We can help you to understand the typical elements of agile and how it might work for your organisation.

Our philosophy is that agile tools and techniques are not ‘one size fits all’. We will work with your business to introduce a pragmatic style of agile that complements how you do business.

5 Common myths about agile

  • Agile means no planning – planning is as important as it is in traditional, linear delivery methods – in fact, there are multiple levels of planning.
  • Agile means having no documentation – it may help to rationalise the size and volume of documents, but it’s not a shortcut.
  • Agile means no design is needed – not upfront, but iterative design is still a critical component of the work.
  • Agile means no governance – governance is scaled as appropriate but it still very much exists. Roles are clearly defined.
  • Agile is easy to implement – agile requires leadership commitment and enthusiasm from the teams. It’s not easy, but implemented correctly it is effective.

Agile practices can be difficult to embed, but it is worth the effort!

Our agile consultants are experienced in the common Agile methods & frameworks, including:

  • SAFe 4 & 5
  • Scrum
  • Lean
  • Dev Ops
  • DSDM
  • Scrum/Waterfall Hybrid
  • Agile PMOs/Delivery Offices
  • Readiness & Transition Support

We also provide Hybrid PMO Training – Optimising Your Hybrid PMO which will provide you with the skills and tools to create a value adding PMO whatever blend of agile and traditional methods are in place.

Case Study

Financial Services

After spending two years building up PMO capability we were ready for some external help us get us to the next level of maturity.  The insights provided by Pledge Consulting were clear, actionable and have led to a significant increase in the value we get from our projects. By focusing on our strengths as well as the areas for improvement, our team gained a newfound confidence in their abilities and importantly, now have a clear path forward.

GM Projects & Programs, Financial Services

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