At Pledge Consulting we are passionate about not only serving our customers, but also developing our people and contributing to knowledge through sharing experiences. 

The PMO & Project Leadership Podcast has been developed to help share this knowledge across our community wherever they are in the world. Series 3 of the Podcast is titled the ‘PMO Basics’. In this 5 episode series we’ll be looking at the mechanics of establishing a new PMO and how to get beyond ‘good’ to get to value adding and indispensable. 

Episodes will drop weekly. If you’re a PMO enthusiast or looking to move in to a PMO leadership role, this series is a ‘must listen’!

Series 3

PMO Basics

The PMO Basics series has been developed to walk through the journey of PMO establishment from why you need one and what it is, how to actually set a PMO up and of course how to go on to make it a value adding organisational function. Hosted by Pledge Consulting’s Managing Director, Louise Gardner. Louise has more than 25 experience running and consulting to PMOs across multiple sectors in the UK and Australia. 

Episode 1 – What is a PMO?

In episode 1 we dive into what PMO is, explore some different types of PMO, and delve into the roles and responsibilities that generally define it. Whether you’re just starting off in PMO  or a seasoned pro, there’s something here for everyone.

Episode 2 – Setting up a New PMO

In Episode 2, we talk about the steps required in setting up a PMO and the criticality of understanding the need. Why does your organisation require a PMO? What is the problem that needs to be solved. Sometimes that can be inconsistent processes or poor delivery outcomes, sometimes the need can emerge because projects are getting bigger and more complex. What ever the driver for the PMO it’s important to understand it and highlight those needs to the team. If you don’t publicise the needs and the pain points enough there is a risk you won’t get the buy in you need to succeed.

Episode 3 – Best Practices for new PMOs

In Episode 3 we dive into the common practices that lead to PMO value and success. We cover issues such as continuous improvement, process automation, stakeholder engagement and leveraging technology in order to maximise the chance of a successful PMO service offering.  

Episode 4 – Challenges for new PMO teams

This episode delves into the common challenges faced by Project Management Offices (PMOs) and offers practical solutions to navigate them. Topics covered include resistance to change within organisations, the importance of consistent processes, managing resource constraints, ensuring alignment with organisational goals, maintaining effective communication, and securing executive support

Episode 5 – Future PMO

In the final episode of this short series on PMO Basics we look forward to what the future hold for PMOs across technology, leadership and beyond. This series has be brought to you by Pledge Consulting’s Elevate Program. If you’re looking to level up your PMO or Project Management career, talk to us today!

Series 2


The PMO Masterclass series hears from PMO leaders at the top of their game and seeks to discover what makes them tick as well as what goes in to making a great, value adding PMO. Our Managing Director, Louise Gardner asks the questions in this 6 episode series.

The PMO Masterclass Series is sponsored by Pledge Consulting’s Elevate Program – a 5 month professional development program to help project professionals to take their career to the next level! 

Episode 1  Alex Floro

In this conversation with PMO leader Alex Floro, Alex talks us though her thoughts on what makes a great PMO and how important it is to build relationships and take a people centric approach to PMO. Alex has worked in project management for more than 25 years, mostly in telcos, banking and finance. She has focused on leading PMOs for the past 10 years and shares her tips for the up and coming PMO managers.

Episode 2 – Michael Taylor

In this episode Michael Taylor, Strategic Change lead with the Smith Family and veteran PMO leader, talks about developing strong teams, building organisational support and becoming addicted to achieving strategic goals. Michael also talkes the benefits of connecting to an organisational purpose and how that helped the PMO in his previous role.

Episode 3 – Jim Livesey

Jim Livesey is a UK based PMO leader and the founder of the successful PMO networking group, PMO North. In this wide ranging chat, Jim explains why things are not always as they seem in PMOs and we cover a number of hot button PMO topics, from PM tools to Agile and many other topics, drawing on Jim’s depth of experience.

Episode 4 – Liz Connolly

Liz Connolly is a Gold Coast based PMO Leader who accidentally found her way into the project management arena. Having worked across a number of project environments, Liz shares her thoughts on transferable skills, certifications  and provides some tips for those starting off on their PMO leadership journey. 

Series 1


Episode 1 hears from City of Sydney Council PMO Manager, Sarah Foxe as she walks us through the changes she made to project governance to help her organisation become more agile during this challenging year.

In Episode 2, Neil Creasey, Lean Portfolio Management Specialist, talks about how Covid has changed the way many organisations are doing business and how the need to be more agile and to pivot quickly has become fundamental to project success. Neil’s presentation is called ‘Covid Driven Change – A Retrospective’. Neil’s presentation was quite interactive so if you have a spare 40 ish minutes you may want to watch the video on our YouTube Channel. You can find it here.

Episode 3 hears from Will Thompson, Agile Transformation Lead at Victoria University. Being based in the Melbourne area, Vic Uni endured an extended lock down during 2020, lasting for 8 months all up. Will talks about some of the strategies he put in place to make sure that the Agile Transformation journey continued during this time of unprecedented stress, and not only continued but continued successfully.   

In Episode 4 we are again going back to the PMO Leadership Symposium to revisit the Panel Discussion. We were lucky enough to have Project Management veterans, Amany Nuiseibeh, Nicola Wilson & Dr Louis Taborda talk about their experiences of shifting from a face to face management experience to having to manage their teams in a new way.

As well as talking though some of the challenges, we also heard that there are many benefits to remote working and we even toyed with the thought that there will be no path back to where we were pre-covid in terms of working practices.

This week, in Episode 5, the penultimate episode of the series, we hear from renowned portfolio management thought leader Stuart Easton.

Stuart is the CEO of Transparent Choice and joined us at the PMO Leadership Symposium to deliver a masterclass on portfolio/project prioritisation. 

The session talked about some of the fundamentals of effective prioritisation, as well as some of the key business and cultural factors for prioritisation success. We had some great audience questions in the session too. 

The session was captured on video so if you would like to watch a version with the visuals, you can find it here

Stuart talks in the presentation about some of the fantastic resources you can find on the Transparent Choice website which you can find here.

In the 6th & final episode of this series, the Founder and Managing Director of Pledge Consulting, and the host of the PMO Leadership Symposium, Louise Gardner, gives us her closing reflections on the event and touches on her big 3 take outs on how PMOs and Project delivery teams are working post Covid.

Louise call’s out:

  • Resilience
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

 As being three of the positive traits that were evident during the Symposium speakers presentations.