As the driving force behind Australia’s only PMO-focused event, Pledge Consulting takes great pride in the PMO Leadership Symposium. Held biannually in Sydney and Melbourne, this symposium brings together the foremost PMO and Project Management experts nationwide. It serves as an exceptional platform for learning, networking, and the exchange of innovative ideas.

Over the years, we have brought together PMO Managers/Directors, Project Delivery Professionals, and Executives Leading Delivery Teams for a transformative experience. And our attendees have derived significant benefits from participating in the symposium, including:

  • A comprehensive view of how different organisations have adapted their delivery efforts.
  • An understanding of the profound impact of remote work and distributed locations on project delivery.
  • Insights into leading and managing teams amidst uncertainty and change, equipping attendees with the necessary tools to guide their organisations through periods of flux.
  • Ample networking and discussion opportunities to connect with industry peers, fostering collaborations and the exchange of ideas.

At Pledge Consulting, we are committed to fostering professional growth and collaboration within the PMO community through this remarkable event.



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