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As the leading authority in PMO and Project Controls, we offer specialised project sponsorship training, enhancing your team’s expertise in the project management.

To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, we offer a training readiness assessment before delivering any program. This assessment helps us gain insights into your organisation’s specific requirements, allowing us to customise our courses accordingly.

At Pledge Consulting, we are dedicated to equipping individuals and organisations with practical project management knowledge. Contact us to discover how our tailored training programs can assist you in achieving your sponsorship-related objectives.

Project Sponsor Training


This half day course is designed to help senior management understand the importance of good project sponsorship, how to be an effective project sponsor and how to ask the right questions of project and program managers. You will learn how utilise the principles of project sponsorship to build strong relationships with delivery teams, and determine the role of the Sponsor at every point through the delivery lifecycle.

The course learning objectives are:

  • Understanding the Role of Project Sponsorship
  • Understand Sponsor accountabilities
  • Identifying and Selecting a Project Sponsor
  • The sponsors role in managing risks
  • Strategies for building a strong relationship with the team
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them

Our training courses and workshops are practical in nature so expect to have lots of discussion along the way. All our courses and workshops can be tailored, if there are any topics that you would like to include that are not currently part of the standard content, please let us know.