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Back in August we ran a Webinar to discuss some of the tips, tools and challenges associated with successfully managing project and program benefits. We were blown away by the great feedback we got and by the number of PMO and Project Management practitioners that say this is an area where their organisation needs additional learning and support. Obviously, we can provide that support to our clients in the form of consulting engagements and advisory support. which we often do with great success. We were thinking though, that as well as providing support as external advisors, wouldn’t it be great if we could offer practitioners some training support to uplift internal capability and knowledge. So that’s just what we’ve done. Our Benefits Realisation Specialist, Craig Wilkins has specially designed a 2 day, practical workshop, to equip practitioners with all they need to know to successfully establish and track project and program benefits. Craig has specialised in Benefits Management for many years and worked across public and private sector organisations to help them succeed when realising benefits. We are excited to share that knowledge with others. If you would like to join us on the 12 & 13th October for the workshop, please register here.  If you would like to join a future course please send us a message here, to join the waiting list. To learn more about Benefits Realisation Management take a look at our Webinar below.