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Agility is the buzz word of the moment and can mean different things to different organisations and individuals. In this Webinar, we take a look at the PMI’s Disciplined Agile approach. Pete Omotosho talks us through an overview of the concepts, roles and overarching philosophy found in Disciplined Agile. DA is described a toolkit rather than a framework, and as such is adaptable in to many organisational contexts. It can leverage existing tools and frameworks, from Lean and Human Centered Design to more traditional Agile methodologies. As an experienced Agile Coach and practitioner, Pete takes us though some of the key concepts involved in Disciplined Agile and how they might be applied in practice.

Pete also touches on the various options around DA Certification.

Pledge Consulting’s webinars are intended to shine a light on specific topis that PMO practitioners and project management professionals find of interest. If you have a topic area that you’d like to find our more about, please let us know here!