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Structured Professional Development for project management professionals – The Elevate Program

The field of project management is a competitive one, typically with hundreds of applicants for every role advertised. What if there was a way that you could stand out from the crowd? What if you could demonstrate to perspective employers that you have taken your career development into your own hands and that you have a professional development plan in pace that looks to build on your professional strengths and proactively close any gaps?

If you are:

  • Looking to boost your career as a project management professional
  • Trying to climb to the next rung of the career ladder but without success
  • Wanting to develop your technical and leadership skills with a focus on project management, PMO or project controls

We can help.

We believe that the Elevate Program is the tool you need to make employers realise that they would be lucky to have you on their team.

Research suggests that goal setting is a powerful aid to success. The Elevate program not only helps you set your career goals and plan your next move, but will also support you in developing a SMART action plan, based on examining your personal and professional strengths as well as any gaps. The Elevate Program has been designed to help project management professionals at all stages of their career to make the jump to the next level, whether that’s securing a first Project Manager role, or taking on an executive level position.

Designed exclusively for project management and PMO professionals, both aspiring and experienced, the Elevate program combines research-based adult learning and development techniques with practical support to uplift your skills and experience to help you achieve your career vision.

Over 5 months the Elevate program helps you to design and execute a plan for your future career growth. Our Mentors are project management industry veterans who have been there and are willing to share their experiences and knowledge for your benefit.

Our goal is to support the development of the next generation of project leaders, Elevating you to the next level of your career.

Elevate Program Outline

Month 1 – Set your vision for future success:
Where do you want to go in your project management career? What are your development areas and how will you measure Success?

Month 2 – Self Assessment (How I see myself):
Assess where you are right now. What are your areas of strength? What makes you happy? Includes a review of Action Logics and project management hard skills and soft skills.

Month 3 – Peer Review & Feedback (How others see me):
360 Degree Appraisal Feedback on 360

Month 4 – Leadership & Communications:
Understand Transformational and Transactional Leadership behaviours and why communication is a pivotal element of success

Month 5 – Goal Setting & Action Planning:
Review the plan and discuss any roadblocks or any amendments to the vision. What are your next steps?

As well as the 5 monthly structured sessions, the Elevate participants will form part of our extended community and will have access to our knowledge bank which includes exclusive webinars, blog posts and face to face events. Even better they’ll have the chance to suggest some of the topic areas they want to know more about. While the structured part of the program goes for 5 months, Elevate community membership is ongoing.

The Elevate Community

The Elevate community gathers as a group for an exclusive monthly Masterclass, focusing on areas of technical project management or key soft skills development. Participants even get the chance to suggest masterclass topics.

Events are held both face to face and virtually and there is also an Elevate LinkedIn group to facilitate relationships, knowledge sharing and professional opportunities between Elevate members.

Once you’re part of the Elevate community you can leverage that network pretty much forever, providing not just a pathway to professional development but a whole new network of likeminded people.

About the Program Facilitators

Pledge Consulting are specialists in PMO and project delivery support and for more than 10 years have supported large corporate and government agencies to increase their maturity around delivering projects. Providing consulting support, resourcing solutions, training and capability support – our specialist expertise means we are uniquely placed to offer the Elevate Program. Our Mentors are 20 year + industry veterans with a mixture of academic, training, consulting and executive expertise.

We are passionate about uplifting the standard of project management for both individuals and organisations and as well as our catalogue of advisory services we also hold regular PMO and project management focused knowledge sharing events both online and face to face.

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