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Essentials of Project Management – 1 Day Course

Date : 05/05/2022, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location : Pledge Consulting

Our 1 day, Essentials of  Project Management training course is designed to provide new project managers and those looking for a refresher, with an overview of the key concepts and activities typically found within the project lifecycle. From project initiation to close down. Covering the common theories, tools and techniques used in projects across all industries, we give participants the opportunity to not only learn the principles, but apply them in a practical way.

During the course, we will deliver a project (in groups) to promote discussion and learning as well as drawing on industry best practice and participants own experience.

The Essentials of Project Management training course aligns to the major project management industry standards, and is suitable for those from any industry. No prior project management experience is required.

Course Outcomes

•  manage a simple project using a structured approach
•  understand why projects are initiated and the link to organisational strategy
•  apply key project planning activities including scheduling, budgeting, and
managing risk
•  monitor and control a project at a high-level, including reporting progress and
managing change in a controlled manner
•  close a project, including conducting a post-implementation review

Experience shows that projects are delivered more successfully, more of the time, when the whole team understand the project management process.

Feedback from previous project management training courses:

“I really enjoyed all class activities and interactions with our trainer and classmates. Lots of positive energy in the class that made such a huge difference. Thanks a lot.”

“Our trainer was amazing. A really practical course with learnings that can be applied to all industries.”

“Everything was great. Louise our trainer was very  knowledgeable which had made the class really enjoyable. Thanks a lot again.”

**This course is a public, in person project management training course. If you would like a an online version of the course, or are an organisation looking for a tailored training solution, please contact us***


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