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Building a ‘Fit for Business PMO

Date : 29/10/2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Join PMO specialist Michael Alacqua, as he takes us through the key elements of making sure your PMO is fit for purpose in your business context.

We will discuss:

  •  The importance of matching the portfolio management function to the organisation to improve the chances of a return on investment and to create longevity.
  • The need to consider; the business situation, project delivery maturity, accountability cultural, business structure (centralised or decentralised functions) and lessons learnt when establishing or uplifting a PMO.
  • The requirement for a relentless focus on value creation and outcomes to drive priorities and behaviours (a portfolio function is an investment and just like any investment it needs to return value back to the business)
  • How to leverage and embed portfolio management processes into existing business process

This one-hour live Webinar is a must for those who are setting out to build a high performance PMO. Questions and discussion are encouraged during the session.



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